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IT Solutions and Consulting

  • Our mission is to provide an oustanding customer experience through client-first approach, technical leadership and unparalleled expertise
  • Our primary focus is on small to medium sized companies, servicing clients in Canada and the USA
  • A dedicated team of subject matter experts with a deep knowledge and expertise in peforming deep dive analyses and infrastructure assessments
  • IT Infrastructure architects with 15+ years experience in IT network, storage and midrange architecture, planning and implementation

The AmaltiTEK Advantage

We partner with you to understand and address your unique transformation imperatives. We work in transparent consultation with you to devise best-in-class solutions and define the best course of action to implement them across your organization. Our integrated consulting and IT services will bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs.

AmaltiTEK focuses first on the strategic needs of our clients' businesses to determine the proper technology roadmaps needed to support their long-term goals. We help our clients confidently address day-to-day decisions and ensure their IT infrastructure and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.

We deliver optimum business results by leveraging the following:

  • Integrated, end-to-end IT enabled business transformation: We not only advise you but also work with you to implement the change, thereby validating the effectiveness of our solutions for your business.
  • Industry Expertise: Allows rapid engagement scalability, right from analysis to implementation. Our high caliber consultants have the competence to meet your critical business requirements.
  • Proven methodologies and fact-based approach: Our methodologies incorporate our best practices and are set from proven industry standards. Our research and knowledge databases strengthen our fact-based approach to deliver best-in-class solutions.


At AmaltiTEK, we assure you of superior service delivery aligned to your business metrics.

Services We Offer:

  • Datacenter Virtualization: We support the design, transformation and operation of your hyperconverged datacenters. With expertise in hybrid and on-prem cloud designs that will allow your IT infrastrures to improve in agility, flexibility, reliability and reduce TCO.
  • Networking & Colloboration: Specializing in Cisco Systems we provide expertise in deploying and supporting core network infrastructure and VoIP systems.
  • IT Consulting: With more than 500 engagements across a diverse number of industries and technologies we draw on this experience to help solve our client's most complex IT challenges. Our unique team of experts are especially adept at helping our clients through major IT transformations or re-inventions of their core infrastructure to scale at the speed of their business.
  • Infrastructure Assessments: With our team of subject matter experts we can perform a deep dive in your infrastructure and provide comprehensive reports of various inefficiencies, incorrect configurations, and general bad practices. Our goal is fine-tune and optimize your infrastructure to allow all your workloads to run as efficiently as possible while minimizing unecessary downtime.
  • Business Continuity and Recovery: From building the core infrastructure with built-in disaster recovery mechanism we also provide our clients detailed plans and specific steps that need to be taken to certify their business and missions critical environments can resume operations in the aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster or national emergency.
  • IT Support: Our team of IT specialists have the experience to make sure your network infrastructure is properly maintained and supported. We complement your existing services by providing onsite and remote support for a wide-range of IT demands.

About AmaltiTek

Established in 2008, AmaltiTEK specializes in providing clients IT solutions, strategic consultation, infrastructure assessments, and fully managed IT services.

Our IT specialists and subject matter experts have a deep knowledge of various platforms and technologies including VMware vSphere, RedHat Enterprise Servers, Microsoft Servers, Cisco Networking and firewall and many more.

Our core team have designed some of the largest IT environments it North America including:

  • Revenue Manager environment that provides real-time flight sales for a major national airline
  • PKI Entrusted zone for secured, air craft maintenance
  • Flight, baggage status and claims in real-time for a major national airline
  • Virtualized call center and logging environment for three major call centers in north america
  • Real-Time, anti-fraud environment with highly redundant WFSC SQL Servers for major credit bureau
  • Large VI farms for both merchandising and financial clients
  • Multiple, large scale transformation and consolidation projects for various banking and financial institutions

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